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Godwin’s Theory – Louder DJ Fresher

Goodwins Theory

The music video by award-winning director Ben Newman of the song Louder by DJ Fresh was used for a Lucozade Sport Lite campaign. The new track released in 2012 is being promoted in the advert to entice others to go and buy the track.

Genre Conventions

The location of the music video is LA where it is established in the shots later on in the music video. The fact that the setting is LA is due to the fact that LA is supposed to be quite trendy and laid back. Therefore, this fits into the music genre as the people associated to dance music are stereotypically quite laidback and easy going.

In the longshots above we see the palm trees and sand which imply leisure and a holiday vibe which further demonstrates the laidback vibe the music video associates with LA and the people who like to listen to this music genre.

The bright colours of the girls during the beginning and throughout the music video highlight an uplifting feeling you feel when you listen to the music. The brightly coloured setting as well with blue skies and summer vibes gives a sense of happiness and relaxation. The younger generation are usually stereotyped as being too laid back and relaxed and the fact that the people in the video are wearing brightly coloured clothing it could reflect the lifestyle of the younger generation being quite wild with their clothes choices and being care-free.


Voyeuristic treatment

In the low angle shot to the right we see a male gaze shot. The shot suggests that the girl is having a good time roller skating but the low angle shot implies that the view is objectifying her almost due to the positioning and the fact that she’s spreading her legs having slight sexual connotations. The clothing choice of having the females wear short shorts and strappy shorts infers that the director is trying to sexualise the girls more to entice more viewers. Furthermore, the leopard print top that one of the girls are wearing infers a wild, untamed person reflecting females as being provocative and risk takers/dangerous.

The above close up of the boy’s chest contradicts the male gaze as this is primarily for the female gaze. This close up illustrates men associated with this genre of music as being aggressive as the stereotypes with people who have tattoos tends to be that they’re menacing and intimidating and that they’re irresponsible and are associated with the rebellious youth. The fact that they have a close up of a male chest covered in tattoos implies that this genre of music reaches out to the rebellious youth and that this is linked to rebellion and irresponsible behaviour at festivals and drug taking.


Relationship between visual and music

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.59.54

The birds fly off as the beat comes in inferring a sense of freedom to the music as throughout the video it’s about moving freely and being free to express yourself. There re movements when the boy’s join the music video on their skate boards. One boy lands on the beat drop from doing a drop and the shot changes to the two girls doing a trick. The fast pace of the movements reflects the fast pace of the music and the adrenaline that the song gives you lifting up your spirits. This is shown in the canted shot of one of the girls at the beginning where you see her smiling reflecting the feeling you get from listening to this song.

Toward the end where there’s a climax there is slow motion movement of the dancers to build up a climax to the beat drop. As the drop comes the movements get gradually faster and faster where there are then multiple shots of different dancers doing their own movements.

Relationship between visual and lyrics

During the music video the lyrics ‘our senses come alive’. During this point, the two girls who were skating separately then come together which gives a sense that the music genre brings people together and this also highlights the lyrics saying ‘our’ being inclusive. The smiling expression on the girls face show that the music is uplifting and it creates a sense of happiness toward the fact that the music is bringing people together.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 09.34.02

The music also says ‘we’ve gotta move faster’. During this point the two girls are put into slow motion which contradicts what the lyrics are saying. This could suggest that they’re trying to emphasise the speed of the movement they’re doing by slowing it down so you can appreciate their movement.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 14.10.01

The next lyric from Louder highlights the fact that the dance music genre is meant for big events and many people. The lyric says ‘you can’t take this energy inside” the connotations of the location being in a big open space infer that it is already outside and having freedom. The next shot of the girls going past the corner to see the boy spinning around in a fast manner intensifies the words of ‘energy’ and ‘inside’. The amount of energy that the boy is putting into the spin increases the fact that he can’t take his dance moves inside due to it being so big. Furthermore, the fact that this type of music is played in open fields at festivals intensifies the metaphorical meaning suggesting that people who listen to this type of music genre are loud and disruptive.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 14.23.49

Focus on artist

There is no moment where the actual artist, DJ Fresh, is present in the music video. This could be to do with the fact that used this music video for the Lucozade Lite advert and wanted to keep their target audiences broad but it could also to give recognition to those who are also talented like the multiple dancers and skaters in the video. They also give recognition to converse styled shoes as there are multiple clos up and longshots of a particular shoe that one of the skaters are wearing promoting their brand for them.

Goodwin Theory Music Video Wilkinson’s – Washed Away

Washed away- Wilkinson

Washed away is a song by Wlkinson who are a dance/house band. The music video was released on the 18th of April 2017. The video includes Tom butler who is the UK number 1 and world ranked big wave surf champion.  The video also includes the festival Boardmasters which Wilkinson performed at in 2016 and met Tom Butler.

Genre conventions.

As an artist defined by the genre Dance/House there are certain genre characteristics that would be expected to be found in similar videos within this genre. In this case, there are multiple shots of Tom Butler the big wave surf champion at Fistral beach in Cornwall, where it is sunny and looks like a holiday break location. This is common to see in this particular genre. This is also seen in the video ‘sweet lies’ by Wilkinson where there are multiple shots of waves and long shots to set the scene of the location. Therefore, this overall portrays that this type of location is a common feature within this genre and artist as it creates connotations of relaxation and peace. Also, comparing the two music videos ‘washed away’ and ‘sweet lies’ it is evident that they have similar shots of waves such as satellite view shots and point of view shots and water based activities. This is a common feature with the artist and could suggest a theme of letting yourself go and enjoying life due to the thrill seeking activities featured within the video. The location of the video is also filmed at Boardmasters festival, which features dance and house artists such as Wilkinson, Chase and Status and Andy C. This links to the genre and the music video as it links to the stereotypical festival ‘raver’ who is very relaxed and has no worries. Also, high key lighting is used the majority of the music video which links to the genre as high key lighting can illustrate and upbeat mood which happens when you listen to dance/house music.

The Establishing shot and the over-the-shoulder shot are from Wilkinson’s music video of Sweet lies.

Relationship between the visual and lyrics.

As Goodwin states, there should be a relationship between the visual and the lyrics throughout the music video. The visuals and lyrics to this particular music video both demonstrate and reinforce the song’s overall meaning in different ways. On the particular lyric ‘washed away’, the point of view shot of the wave coming at you suggests its washing all your worries away that is a clear link, which amplifies the overall meaning. This connects to the genre as the fan base who listen to this genre are stereotyped to be de stressed. Panning is used within the music video to help link the visuals and the lyrics together. For example on the line ‘turn down’ towards the end of the music video, the camera pans down and follows the protagonist jumping off a cliff. This can illustrate to the audience the message of taking risks and, to go against the message of calming down. In addition, it links to the people stereotyped to this genre, as they are nonchalant.

Relationship between the visual and the music.

The relationship between the visual and music varies throughout the music video. At the start, the tempo of the music is slow and we are shown a satellite view shot of waves rippling which creates connotations of relaxation and links to the slow tempo of the beat. In addition, the cuts between shots are at a steady pace, which implies calmness. As the music video goes on, and the story of the protagonist reveals more information and the location, the tempo of the music picks up to emphasise how the preparation to go surfing is very thrill seeking and exciting. When the beat drops, there is a long shot of the protagonist surfing on a wave and it is edited in slow motion. This could imply how when you are enjoying life and thrill seeking everything is a blur, you are in your own world, and nothing else matters. However, the shots become shorter which still implies how it is very risky and exhilarating which is linked to this particular genre. After the beat has dropped, the music returns to a slower tempo, which is calmer, we are shown a point of view shot of them driving in a car. This implies to the audience that the adrenalin rush is over.

Voyeuristic treatment.

Although, there are not necessarily any obvious shots that depict a voyeuristic treatment of the female body, the video does include a notion of voyeurism however, it is not a female presenting herself in a voyeuristic way is it a male so, It subverts Laura Malveys Theory of presenting women in a sexual way. At the start of the music video, we see the protagonist who is topless in a swimming pool; this would grab the attention of the women viewers, as it is something they might find attractive. This is something not seen as regularly  in Dance/House music as it is usually women in tight revealing clothing or nothing to make the music video sell well and gain more popularity. This music therefore portrays how we are looking at a man through the eyes of a female’s perspective, which subverts Malveys theory.

wilk 8

Focus on the artist.

Goodwin states that in music videos there should be a focus on the band (brand recognition). In the particular video I have analysed, the band does not star in the video, which therefore subverts Goodwins theory. As this subverts Goodwins theory, this could suggest that the band focuses on the message and making the audience who listen happy rather than branding themselves. However, Tom butler features in the music video as the protagonist. This could portray how the band also focuses on giving other people who are not artists but have talents recognition. In addition, as the video was filmed at Boardmasters festival that focuses on skating, surfing and music, the people who attended the festival in 2016 and the people who are interested in these sports will possibly watch the video, which, overall increase the views on the music video.

wilk 9

Intertextual references.

Throughout the music video, there are some intertextual references, which relate to the festival Boardmasters 2016. The specific shots, shown below, link in with the idea of the festival as it includes surfing, which was part of the festival, which people could watch. This instantly would create memories for the people who attended the festival as they can recall and link. In addition, the audience watching the music video who have not attended the festival could consider going to it next year. Therefore, Wilkinson have promoted the festival to a wider audience through the intertextual references.

Overall, this music video does conform to Goodwins Theory as it includes most of Goodwins sections. Wilkinson have also targeted there audience very well as it includes conventions related to that specific audience and the video has a carefree and relaxed vibe.

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