Question 6 -What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Through the process of making our thriller opening sequence we have found it difficult and challenging when we used types of technologies that we hadn’t necessarily used before. For example we had never used imovie in this way before therefore we had to use tutorials for parts of it to be able to use different effects to make our thriller look effective and realistic. We used a tutorial for our white fade in transition as we wanted our different shots to flow smoothly from one to the other as the environments and the contrasts were very different. It also made our flashback look more dream like adding effect.

We learnt how to download a particular font for our Title as we wanted our font to look as effective as possible. The font took us an hour to figure out how to download it but now we will be able to successfully be able to download more fonts if needs be in the future. This might help us with our music video if we decide to use another font that isn’t already installed on imovie.

For media studies we had to use a blog. This was difficult, as we had never used a blog before. We had to learn how to upload things and edit our blog so it looks more appealing. I have changed my blog multiple times as I wasn’t certain how to use it. I then realised that you had to use tags and categorize your items that upload. Now because I have learnt how to use a blog my word press is significantly better and isn’t messy and jumbled.

Overall, I have learnt multiple amounts to do with new technologies through this process. All I have learnt will benefit me in the future through my course and this would have also improved our thriller opening sequence as the technologies used were more sophisticated and not imovie relatable.


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