Roles Within the Group

Our group consisted of three people, myself, Jessica and Sian and this meant that we would have to divide the work needed when creating our production.


  • Constructed the Directors Pitch with Sian
  • Produced the questionnaires for audience research
  • Found the font for our title
  • Found the music for our thriller sequence
  • Contributed to editing
  • Organised auditions
  • Wrote ‘MINE’ on wall of location where the captive will be
  • Found out how to do the blurred effect on our opening sequence
  • Director of the film



  • I did Camera work for our thriller opening sequence
  • I created the storyboard for our thriller sequence
  • I contributed to the editing of the piece
  • Organised the actor and who it will be
  • Devised shot list of the storyboard
  • Took pictures of location of hostage captivity
  • Organised auditions



  • Provided the make-up for the protagonist
  • Devised the shot list for our final piece of our thriller opening sequence
  • Contributed to editing
  • Constructed the directors Pitch with Jess
  • Found the font for our title
  • Organised auditions
  • Producer of the film


Here is a mind map of our initial ideas for our thriller opening sequence.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.20.40

Original Shot Type List

Shot 1- Close up on hands tied up behind Protagonists back.

shot 2- Close up of feet tied up to the chair.

shot 3- Long shot of Protagonist, revealing identity and surroundings.

shot 4- Close up on Protagonists face
shot 5- Low shot onto protagonist.

shot 6- Extreme close up onto Protagonists eye to blur into flashback.

shot 7- Point of view shot to give effect moving on the floor.

shot 8- High angle/close up shot of blood trickling down from the foot.

shot 9- Close up of blood running down.

shot 10- Mid-shot of the Protagonists face (side)

shot 11- long shot of cloth and knife with a bit of blood on them.

shot 12- Tracking shot of white mask falling in slow motion.

shot 13- Close up on Protagonists eye with pupil enlarging.

shot 14- Title shot.


Shot list Final Piece
close up shot- Matts tied up hands (5secs)
close up shot- matts face (7secs)
panning shot-of walls to matt (9secs)
zooming in close up shot-matts face (6secs)
up spin shot- of trees (6secs)
point of view shot- through protagonists eyes at matt walking, in&out of focus (7secs)
point of view shot- in and out of focus (13secs)
long shot-matt (10secs)
point of view shot-protagonist of matt (6secs)
close up shot-matts hand(4secs)
prop point of view shot- matt picking up mask (3secs)
long shot-matt sitting tied up (30secs)
title screen-mask falling(7secs)
close up -matts phone and protagonists hands (21secs)

Audience Research



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My group and I decided to create a questionnaire to help plan our media opening sequence. we created questions based around thriller films, the themes in thriller films, characters and how audiences reacts to thriller films. One thing we found from our research is that the audiences favourite thing about thriller films is the suspense created and the mystery. From this we will try to include suspense and mystery throughout out our opening sequence. Another thing we also found out was that the audiences favourite film overall was Taken. From this we will adapt our opening sequence and take ideas from Taken and incorporate in to our film.



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