Roles Within the Group

Our group consisted of three people, myself, Jessica and Sian and this meant that we would have to divide the work needed when creating our production.


  • Constructed the Directors Pitch with Sian
  • Produced the questionnaires for audience research
  • Found the font for our title
  • Found the music for our thriller sequence
  • Contributed to editing
  • Organised auditions
  • Wrote ‘MINE’ on wall of location where the captive will be
  • Found out how to do the blurred effect on our opening sequence
  • Director of the film



  • I did Camera work for our thriller opening sequence
  • I created the storyboard for our thriller sequence
  • I contributed to the editing of the piece
  • Organised the actor and who it will be
  • Devised shot list of the storyboard
  • Took pictures of location of hostage captivity
  • Organised auditions



  • Provided the make-up for the protagonist
  • Devised the shot list for our final piece of our thriller opening sequence
  • Contributed to editing
  • Constructed the directors Pitch with Jess
  • Found the font for our title
  • Organised auditions
  • Producer of the film

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